Friday Harbor

We left the next morning at 830am. We had about a 6 hour day, which included crossing Juan De Fuca and going through Cattle Pass. I was incredibly nervous about this part of the trip. It was a big trip and I had only been out on Royal Venture twice at that point!

I had planned out the trip to catch the ebb from Port Ludlow to Juan de Fuca. Then I wanted to hit slack in the middle of Juan de Fuca, so that we didn’t go through Cattle Pass until after slack there – which was 1:10 pm.

We made record time up to the Juan de Fuca – going about 12 knots over the ground!! We were motoring at about 6 knots, which meant we had about 6 knots of current with us at times! It was totally flat in the Juan de Fuca – very beautiful and not bad at all. There was absolutely no wind, but it was still very beautiful!

The middle of Juan de Fuca!

I was worried we would hit Cattle Pass too soon. If we went through too soon, the current can be so strong that we wouldn’t have control of the boat. (Imagine 8 knots of current going against a boat only going 6 knots, then add in some chop!) As we got closer to the pass, we were certainly getting tossed around quite a bit by the changing current. I was just telling Kathy that Navionics was only showing a slight ebb (the current was only a little bit against us), when the arrow switched and it was then showing a flood! We went past the lighthouse right at 1:18pm, 8 minutes after slack! Perfect timing!

Looking back at our perfectly timed entry into Cattle Pass

Keith at Friday Harbor was kind enough to organize an easy slip for us to get in and out of – this being my third day of docking the boat, I was still quite anxious. He even came out and caught our lines which made the whole thing a breeze!! His help and knowledge were huge!

Safely docked in the San Juan Islands!