Lopez Island

Mom and I landed at SEA-TAC, 15 minutes apart with gates right next to each other! We had a small time window to run a few errands in Seattle before catching our seaplane to Lopez Island.

The seaplane was a very cool experience! I’m glad we didn’t miss that opportunity. Mom got to sit up front with the captain and there were only 3 other people on the plane made for 12. We took off from Lake Union, which seemed so crowded for takeoff!! I’m not sure how he found a space for a runway.

The plane landed right next to the Lopez Marina, and we went right by Royal Venture! So cool! However, when we went by, I saw the giant bimini was missing, so of course I was worried what the damage would be…

Turns out they had some 40 knot winds come through so my boat neighbor took the canvas off so it wouldn’t cause suffer any damage. So all was good!