Bahia de Los Muertos

~ March 24 - 27, 2019 ~

It was another 45 nm jump up the coast to Bahia de Los Muertos. We could have stayed longer at Fralies but the internet was poor so we had to push on.

We decided that the best option to avoid the wind that had made our previous jump from Cabo so unpleasant was to depart around 3 am. This would mean that our arrival in Los Muertos would be around noon, hopefully before the wind built.

When the alarm went off at 3 it looked like our plan would work, so we got underway. This plan worked well there was a little swell, but we were making much better progress, and the current was also in our favour. (* This plan also worked great for me - I woke up at 3am, helped get the anchor up and away, then I went back to bed until it was a more acceptable time to be awake - Ashley*)

The wind did start to build a lot earlier than we were hoping but we snuck into the lee of Bahia de Los Muertos just before noon. The anchorage was quite windy when we arrived and there were only 3 other boats there so it was easy to find a spot.

The bay was beautiful, white sands and turquoise waters, exactly what you imagine a bay in Mexico to look like. The corner we were in there was a small restaurant and boat launching ramp, then nothing on the beach until 2 small resorts which were barely visible at the far end.

We spent the day on the boat however as the wind continued to build. The following day would have to be our exploring day.

The wind did finally drop out late in the day so we thought we would go ashore and check out the restaurant and wifi. The beer was cold and the view was stunning.

Just down from the restaurant there were the remains of a stone loading dock and wharehouse from the 1920's. Apparently silver was exported from here, but there is little sign of it now, just the stone retaining walls remained.

The following day the wind had gone and after a few hours of work we were able to go for an explore.

However we weren't the first ones to make the walk on the beach; we found these tracks which stretching for hundreds of metres along the beach and up to the face of the dunes. So obviously we followed them to find out what had made them. And I bet you won't guess what the creature was ...

Once we made it past the resorts we found a beach of pure coral. This was super cool to see, particularly with the dessert back drop. We walked from here to the rocky point for some snorkeling.

On the walk back to the boat we headed inland behind the resorts. It was just a dirt road, but it was cool to see the huge catuses and how they create the ecosystem in this landscape. There were several holes in them where birds appeared to have burrowed in to form thier nest. They were also flowering with tiny little bouquets of florets busting from their spiny sides.

The following day was another early morning start.

We were headed for civilisation.

Probably the most visited port on the West coast of Mexico.

La Paz