Punta Colonet

~ February 11-12, 2019~

When it was finally time to leave Ensenada, we had a thousand little things to take care of. Three months was the longest time the boat has been dock side since…forever. Sunday was our “planned” departure day, with the goal of riding out some southerlies at Isle San Martin. But Punta Colonet, our first anchorage, wasn’t very protected from large swell, so we decided to wait one more day so we could let the bigger wind and waves pass and enjoy our anchorage a bit more.

So far, we are really happy with that decision. We left 6am Monday morning for Punta Colonet - 65 nm South of Ensenada. It was cold, rolly and slow going out the bay - we weren't doing more than 4.5 knots. As soon we turned the corner the wind started to build, we picked up speed, and the N/NW wind took us straight down the coast. We split the day in half with our watches and each had a chance to nap. We saw lots of spouts during the sail, but only Paul saw 1 tiny whale.

We made it to Punta Colonet in the late afternoon, it was perfectly timed. We anchored right where all the books suggested - just to the left of the arroyo in the cliff side in about 25 feet of water. It would be totally exposed to the Pacific Ocean, any weather from the South would push you towards the cliffs and the swell from the North bends around the point - so even in the small stuff, it was rolly. Our holding was great on a sandy bottom, but the light northerly wind coming over the cliffs held us side onto the swell and if it wasn't as calm as it was then we would have been in for an extremely rolly night.

We had dinner heating up before sunset and we were able to enjoy a beautiful, unspoiled view of the sunset over the Pacific. No green flash yet.

Exhausted after the preparing to leave Ensenada, we called it a night soon after dark. It was an awesome first Mexican anchorage! Off to Isla San Martin in the morning, just 35 nm down the coast.