Reid Harbor

The next morning we explored Roche Harbor a bit more, then headed out for Reid Harbor on Stuart Island – just an hour away. Naturally, there was no wind.

Reid Harbor was a stunning place! Way more protected than Roche Harbor, and much better for anchoring (turns out we were in sand at Roche). When we pulled into we circled and circled, and circled… and then finally dropped anchor. This time we both clearly felt the anchor bite in. We were in about 20 feet of water with several other boats anchored as well, so we rolled out 125 ft of chain and left Navionics in “tracking” mode.

Everything looked good and we enjoyed the rest of the evening! We dropped the dinghy in the water and rowed around because I couldn’t get the outboard to start.

I watched our tracks on Navionics all night, to see that we stayed in our area – and we did! I also woke up constantly and set an alarm for every couple of hours to check on things. I missed out on some sleep but it was also amazing to look out at the harbor at night. It was extremely dark, and you couldn’t tell a difference between the hill sand their reflection in the water. The stars were reflecting in the water – it was perfectly still and flat. Amazing. A very cool experience and very cool to have on my own boat.