Cabo to La Paz

~ March 12-28, 2019~

When we left Cabo, we were excited to be turning the corner. This was a whole new adventure, we had made it all the way down the West coast of the United States, and the Baja Peninsula. A distance of just under 2000 nm. Some of our friends that have been around the world said that this area would be the worst sea conditions we would see.

Turning the corner and heading north, meant we were entering the Sea of Cortez. An area that holds so much potential for cruising adventures. This would not be the first time Royal Venture had explored the area, she has already spent many years cruising here with the original owners Randy and CJ.

They assured us that we would have many adventures exploring the many bays, desert islands and the unique underwater world.

We would take 3 hops of 45-60 nm to get La Paz, the first major port in the Sea of Cortez. The wind at this time of the year is almost always northerly so it would probably be quite a bit of motoring over the next week and a few early morning starts and sunrises whilst underway.

Sunrise off the coast between Los Frailes and Bahia de Los Muertos

Sunrise between Bahia de Los Muertos and La Paz

Anchored in La Paz