New Windows

So we always knew we had some leaks from the main windows in the saloon. However, when we left San Francisco to head upwind back to Canada, the use of the word "waterfall" heightened the need to redo the window caulking.

It's not a small project but when we were in Nanaimo, we had the time to start. It was full on project for 2.5 weeks, 10 hour days and no weekends. Ah, the cruising life.

The first one always takes the longest, particularly when you take out the inner frame to unbolt the window, and then it turns out you should have taken off the outer frame instead...

The Steps

  • Remove outer trim
  • Unbolt window
  • Get new plexiglass cut
  • Repair fiberglass and gelcoat on hull
  • Repair fiberglass trim and respray
  • Paint primer on hull and plexiglass
  • GOOP and wait
  • Add trim piece
  • Remove protective paper
  • Enjoy the view :)

Sounds easy....

Inner frame that didn't need to come out. Bonus 2 extra days of work.

Outer trim that popped off after about 30 minutes of work.

Preparing the Trim





Prepping for outer trim

The reveal

Final Trim Installation in Princess Louisa, British Columbia

Sometimes projects take too long and you have to change location.

Finally time to enjoy our new windows!