Baja California

NOAA Tropical Weather Outlook


We use this to identify and track information on possible tropical storms and hurricanes.

Hurricane Season is from May 15 to November 30 with the majority of hurricanes hitting Baja California in September. August and October are also have a high frequency of Tropical Storm activity.

NHC Active Tropical Cyclones - Eastern Pacific


NOAA Mexican Offshore Waters Forecasts


We use this to get our localised marine weather forecast.

Currently we are in sector PMZ019

GFS wind prediction model.


We use this to have a visual model of how winds may develop over the 2 day period.

Because it is an ocean model it is frequently changing and the local winds caused by the Baja California Peninsular are often different .

2 Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook


Cloud Development and Movement


We look for localised thunderstorm and wind activity.

Moisture in the air carries a lot of energy and clouds are formed where the air is unstable.

The rapid development of them might indicate stronger winds and thunderstorms.

Eastern North Pacific Tropical Weather Discussion


This is an in depth discussion of what Tropical Storm Activity is expected.

High Seas Forecasts


We use this to identify wave size. It also has some hurricane related information.