Tropical Storm


  • Start Page, once a storm is named and is active links will appear

    • Scroll Down to "Eastern North Pacific (East of 140°W)" attached to this are the links

      • Public Advisory, Forecast Advisory, Forecast Discussion, Wind Speed Probabilities Text Document

      • Wind Speed Probabilities, Arrival Time of Wind, Wind History, Warning Cone Static Map, Warnings and Surface Winds Graphical Documents

  • Please also see the Mexican Government website. Google Chrome will translate the page to English

    • Select menu, "Forecast"

    • Select tab, "Forecast"

    • Select "Extended 96 hour Forecast"

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Some Notes

It looks like NOAA issues three documents on Tropical Depressions.

  • Advisory

  • Discussion

  • Technical Advisory / Forecast Advisory

  • Updates - I don't think this is issued any more

All are available to download on sailmail via FTP here:

For further research: