First time to the Mainland

After enjoying a glorious 5 weeks away from work and internet, it was time to get back online. We were headed for Kino from San Francisquito as it made for a nice crossing and enabled us to look for the Great Chuckwalla. I wasn't so excited to anchor at Kino - as the books say it is a working shrimp town, and the water shoals there - which means not only will the water be dirty, there wouldn't be anything cool to look at anyway. We were very excited to find that with the new cell booster we got great coverage at Dog Bay on Tiburon Island. The bay sits directly across from Kino, and while I couldn't make a call without the booster - I was able to do video chats no problem with the booster turned on! That made for a much better week for us.

We were back to working a regular schedule - 6 hours a day. But that leaves plenty of time for snorkeling every day. The snorkeling was pretty cool - the neatest part was that there were HUGE schools of tiny fish, and I've never seen them so close together. We would dive through them and they would all part away. Or we'd sit on the bottom and let them school above our heads. We followed them into some narrow areas and would dive through the schools - fish at the bottom couldn't see us coming and we would sneak up on some very big cabrilla that way! Sometimes the schools were so thick you wouldn't be able to see the bottom as you drove through - so I would put my hand out so I didn't smack into a rock.

Dog Bay, Tiburon Island

First week back to work

Los Cocinas

Super cool place to spend the weekend

Cotton Bay


San Carlos